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PART TWO..POSTED FEB.07TH,2017,Continuing from part one of my last post..The reason other people are writing posts including myself is because they as well as myself;and i should just speak for myself..I am trying to convey for Jesus Christ is beautiful..but let's go back to what the Bible says about Jesus and how he handles our affairs and our sins and mistakes as we call them..When we come to God as a christian or a sinner and ask for repentance, what Jesus does is he first forgives us then takes our sins or mistakes and iniquity into the sea and forgets them.Second, Jesus then restores us back in relationship with him so we have thee opportunity to go ahead and fulfill what he has commanded us to do and that is and i will only state two of the Love the Lord with all our hearts and (2) love thy neighbor as thyself..Now we all know or i know that the word love demonstrated can only be applied according to a person's only knowledge of what he or she knows it to be.Otherwise if you think love is this or that, you will in turn act that way..showing conditional love which is demonstrated like this..I love people and if they do me wrong, i'm gone, if they hurt me, i'm gone, if they say something smart i will retailiate..if you do for me i will do for you if you act like this i will love you if you do this i will do that but and perhaps if you don't fulfill my reasons of expectaions naturally or spirtually and if you live in a sharp house,dress good,look good, smell good fix your hair just right,drive a nice car..i'm HERE TO STAY, I'M YOUR FRIEND.. simple long sleeve wedding dresses
..that is called.( conditional love)..Understand everybody's meaning of love is different,a according to their knowledge, how they were raised and their experiences..When you come into the fullness of Jesus Christ who died for you and forgave you of all the sins you have made no matter how gross they were and he forgives you of them all..that is Agape love.which means the God kind of love..Jesus loves of inspite of, no matter what,..even if we fail over and over,he already paid the price and all we have to do is ask for is forgiveness and he remembers them no more....The problem is we cannot do what Jesus do because it's impossible for anybody to do so..unless they have the Holy Ghost..what is thee Holy Ghost?..It is the power from God that comes after you are saved..this power allows you to over look every fault and every wrong a person does according to the spirit of God and goes beyond all comprehension and restores a person back like Jesus does..The Holy Ghost some say Holy spirit will make you love a person inspite of and no matter what they have done and there is no if's or perhaps to are reconciled back into the fold...Now in order to understand more of how the Holy spirit it and it guide you to all truth..I have made mistakes and acted out of character alot of times, but i had to ask God to re-fill me back with the Holy spirit..I'm not through talking here..Part three coming up..!..Posted feb.07,2018