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Life is difficult.
And the rule is to thank God it is so.
If it was all fluffy and easy we wouldn't be tested, forged in the fire of life. If life were a series of lovely days, we'd soon get bored. If there was no rain, then there wouldn't be any feeling of a great joy when it finally stopped and we could go to the beach if it was all easy we couldn't get stronger. We can rest for a while and enjoy the moment before the next obstacle gets thrown our way. And that's what life is; what it is meant to be a series of struggles and lulls. And whatever situation you're in now, it's going to change. So what are you in? short blue formal dresses
Lull or struggling? Rain or going to the beach?
Be your own adviser.
Deep down within all of us is a fount of wisdom.
This is called intuition. Listening to your intuition is a slow learnt process start by recognising that tiny inner voice or feeling that will tell you when you've done something you shouldn't have.
You might like to call it your conscience if you like but deep down you know when you've done something bad. You know when you've got to apologies make amends put things right. You know . And I know you know I know because we all know there's no getting away from it.
Live here, live now, live in this moment.
Dress like today is important.
You don't have to prove it to anyone else justify it even show it.
Dedicate yourself personally to things you can change areas where you can make a difference.
Time is short. This is another of those facts you can't escape. It's a given. If time is short then it makes sense not to go wasting any of it,not a single lively drop of it.