neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding

So iv had a few people ask me including adam why not elope now and then re renew our vows and throw a wedding when we have more money and can have something nice and "glamorous"..well this is my answer I dont need to waste money having a big fancy wedding with an expensive fancy venue and a princess dress and to stress and plan a wedding for a year and stress over details of what flowers i should pick with what table clothes for the reception, who's gonna cater the event, finding a photographer and all the other insane crazy details people worry gonna be wearing a $100 maybe even less dress from the mall, im gonna have the lil church I grew up in decorated with flowers, and yeah have a reception at all a hall without a caterer or isnt about those things it isnt about spending money to prove your love and that your serious about your marriage. its about starting the next chapter of your life with someone you love dont matter where or how you do it. So for me getting married in a lil church i grew up in by my papa, watching my daughters walk down the isle in matching dresses throwing rose pedals, then walking down the isle in w.e dress i find n like with my favorite yellow roses in a bouquet and on the date that marks 7 years of life together with the person i love getting married and starting the next chapter of life together. And even having a cheap reception at a hall afterwards and having our 1st dance and watching everyone dance n talk n have a good time is whats gonna matter..because when you look back at those photos and your children look back at those photos of your wedding their gonna see everyone happy and smiling and remember 2 people starting a new chapter in their life not how much was spent not how fancy it was or wasnt. So yes this what I want my wedding to be! neckline styled like sweetheart for the wedding