modest designed wedding garment in vintage style

Miracles miracles... they overtake me... yep i can live with miracles everyday...

1- WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOTHING, KEEP YOUR PEACE - for my birthday workday i wanted to treat my officemates to lunch at bulalohan near the ofc, or if budget is not enough, maybe i'll buy chocolate cake at shopwise... but the night before my bday i only had P10 left... i wasnt worried that i could get to work cuz my suki rider would let me utang the fare... nagbaon ako ng some food, pero nagbigay din ng pakwan ang ofcmate ko wc i ate for brunch.. then my boss greets me online, tells me lunch was on her for everyone, so we had our bulalo lunch for free! Then in the afternoon a chocolate cake arrived in the ofc from my boss hahaha got my choco cake plan come true!... then 2 people gifted me with cash and i was able to collect an honorarium haha wooohooo

2- WHEN YOU THINK YOU DON'T HAVE TIME - saturday was a busy day cuz i needed to make a powerpoint for a song number at hs homecoming, in between everything else... so i had rehearsal 1-2pm on e.rodriguez, printed workshop handouts 2:30pm, made powerpoint 3pm, dressed up and put makeup 3:30pm, church choir rehearsal at timog 4:30pm (i was late), voice workshop 5pm-6:40pm, then sang invocation at hs homecoming 7pm... whew... miracle busy day haha... actually I asked God to stretch my time for the workshop, and when i was done, i was surprised i finished 30minutes earlier than my plan, and 1hr earlier than the usual workshop... but i was satisfied that i didn't forget any part of the lecture... so i believe God stretched my time at the workshop woooot

3- WHEN YOU THINK YOUR SCHED IS OFF - sat nyt i slept 2am (already sunday early morning)... i had been wanting to get back to my spiritual diet of reading the Bible 6chapters a day in 6 diff places of the bible... last time i read it was july last year, i put dates on the chapters to keep track... i had felt so guilty that i neglected reading the bible like this since i started bible school last june... but sunday the Lord made me fully awake at 7am, so i read the Bible... guess what, i was asked recently to give the verses describing narcissism and today it was next in line for me to read, where my bookmarker was, in 2Timothy 3:1-9... if i didnt stop reading last july, this verse would not have come to me today, not for a long time... ang galing ng timing!!! modest designed wedding garment in vintage style

4- WHEN YOU THINK YOU'LL BE LATE - also sunday i wanted to pray for someone in makati med after the 10:30am church service in timog. Patient was checking out at 1:30pm, but sermon ended 1pm, i got a ride 1:37pm... patient's mom said i should turn back, patient is getting dressed already, i thought hm i wont mind praying for her in the lobby or parking lot, so i still went... when i got there it was 1:50pm... HOW DID I GET FROM TIMOG TO MAKATI MED IN 13MINS?? Patient's mom asked me if i flew... considering it was traffic on edsa on a sunday... what's more, they hadn't checked out yet... got to pray for patient until 3:30pm! Woooot...

WE CAN DEFINITELY EXPECT TO LIVE THE SAME MIRACLE LIVES AS BIBLE PEOPLE heheheheh... Wonder what's next... miracles miracles, come and get me!!!