long v neck prom dress

This is how our mode of dressing culturally deriven from our ancestral genealogy which is historically grounded from the year 1396 which is equivalent to thirteen century . In a recapitulation of Arab of lake Chad which is later tagged and colourify by our brother's kanuri as Shuwa Arabs .the word Shuwa literally means ( shwawa that means beautifully created ) . Shuwa Arabs normally love fashion and their females love to wore red colours dress while the males like to wear white cloths . You can see shuwa Arabs women necking a round diamond (KARRMEH) which is when equalise to gold it worths 40 gram of gold presently . There is be a tradition which is traceable to Arabs of the middle east , that dowry is usually paid in gold and nothing less than that. The migration of Arabs from the middle east to the horn of Africa and down to sub sharan Africa, despite the decade of centuries the tribe still maintain it mothers tongues speaking fluently and purely Arabic language when it compare to others Arabs from the middle east ,its even more fluent . The inter mix of the Shuwa Arabs with African indegenious tribes , the tribe stick to it tradition . The geneology tree can be trace to bani quraish while some where direct descendant to the prophet . long v neck prom dress