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Sydney Chatman 1 hr ยท

Good morning my people.

I'm all for people spending THEIR money on whatever they want 'cuz it's THEIR money.

I'm just shocked at the amount that these Black Panther movie event screenings are costing. Some up to $30 per person!

From now on? I don't want to hear people complaining about how much a theatre tickets costs anymore.

I hear people say, "Black Panther is bringing us a portrayal of our truest selves on screen." Well...there are theatre companies doing JUST that and have been doing it for years.

Take, MPAACT Theatre Company. They have been around for over 20+ years. Have you been to any of their productions?

They have a play performing RIGHT NOW called MPAACT Presents The World Premiere Of MOTHER OF THE DARK WATER (It's an ode to Black women) devised and directed by a Black woman, Lauren Wells with an all Black women cast of powerful actors, produced by a Black theater company.

It's even been Jeff Awards (The Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee) nominated and NO ONE is going to see it.

There are SO many other theatre companies that care about Black images and continue to do the work consistently.

Where is the rallying support for these companies? Where are your outfits and purple carpets?

I keep hearing people say to "Buy Black." But...this company is as BLACK as they come. Where is the support in works like these?

I IMPLORE you to buy a ticket to see this production. Even if you don't live in Chicago. Support work like this. 'Cuz it's been here and will continue to be here long after we hang up our tailor-made ankara printed dresses and suits. formal wedding guest dresses