formal garments prepared for college ceremony

I am not so big on weddings and in a year I could easily attend just one wedding - after coercion, black mailing and threats of ending a friendship. Sometime last year I attended a wedding (having been coerced by my friend Koller Hiob K The young man had insisted that I attended the wedding just to see what happens there. Also, one of the bridesmaids had gone through a recent break up and needed comforting - I was told. Who am I to turn my back on a sad grieving girl?

So I went for the wedding.

Usually when I attend any such event, I don’t care much for speeches because these are usually generic and often packed with hyperboles and puffery, I am always looking out for what might be out of place. What table cloth is aligned wrongly, what colors are misplaced, what flowers seem lonely, which people seem over dressed or underdressed. I often look out for spectacular things, and then I look out for mistakes. I basically attend weddings to judge people. And it seems my boy knew it, which is why he insisted that I go.

So while he was running around making things happen with the decor and photography, I kept noticing that the bride was particularly pleased with the decor and lighting. I know this because she instructed someone to consistently take pictures that highlighted the flowers and lighting around the high table. The guy who had put a ring on her was not too bothered by lighting or colors or fabric or flowers. All be cared about was the smile on his lady's face. I know this because every time she wasn’t smiling, he would lean over and whisper something into her ear, and then she would smile.

Anyway, at the end of it all, when Koller and I were having drinks with some of the bridesmaids (including the heartbroken one), I learnt that Koller had actually put the entire wedding together. And I was shocked! I didn’t believe him. First I didn’t think a rogue like him could pull off such beautiful and glamours wedding precision; great set up, brilliant lighting, awesome outlay, top notch colour combinations everywhere and massive photography. Secondly, the entire team of folks who were in charge of the decor and photography seemed like they each had explicit instructions to make sure their part was the finest. And so there was a mini contest for perfection. formal garments prepared for college ceremony

Anyway, so many weeks later, I would like to raise the white flag and say that my friend, Koller, your stuff is good. I have held it in long enough. If I am ever having a wedding, I will probably call you up and demand a discount. Also, please don’t drag me to any other weddings except your own!

Friends, when you get some time, check out my boy Koller's Facebook page Catahena Decor & Wedding Planners and see the marvelous stuff he has done. He is also on instagram as (Catahena_Decor) And NO - the pics are not random internet downloaded pics as I had thought. That is his work.

Blow them away Koller, blow them away!

# FreeKalangoForMyBoy