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Wow! The s.o.t.u. speach was really respectable on the part of President Trump. He actually did what he said he would! Unemployment is down, stocks up, taxes cut and (The Lords word honored) Jerusalem recognized as the capitol of Israel, The Name of God honored, borders protected new policies of trade recipricol for once in a long time(saving billions from filtering into countries who refuse to support or ally with us). Apparently he could've had the cure for cancer and his opponents wouldn't have been happy or supported and atleast respected him for keeping his word but the shocking level of Hypocracy was so tangible, in leading democrats and liberals who refused to even stand in support of two couples who lost their daughters to gang violence and rape. Wow, champions of womens rights even dressed in black at the speach with specific ribbons to signal their stance to support the cause of women's rights refused to stand in respect of two set of grieving parents who lost their daughters because the policies they wanna push can cause these very acts of violence and tragedy. Apparently times only up for women who agree with the political agenda, everyone else isn't worthy? Is this the women's rights message? If anyone would have shown former president Obama the kind of disrespect President Trump Got on nearly every major news station in between each sentence being mocked on live tv, words twisted, authority undermined, they'd be black listed, unable to find work in the public eye shunned, and deemed a racist. Can we not stand together in unity? Can we not pray for each other? I prayed for president Obama. I did not agree with his stance on abortion, Israel, or idea of marriage. BUT I respected him and quietly listened when his speaches were broadcasted. I watched and waited for new news of what he was doing and prayed for out comes. Honoring your leader and having respect for authority is ALWAYS the right thing to do! Choose honor, choose respect, humble yourself, give the respect you would want if it was your son or daughter in the office of president, and the Lord will bless you, The Lord will be your defense! When America wins and improves for the better, it rains on everybody no matter how you may have voted, or what policies you allign yourself with. cheap red prom dresses # Prayingforunity