black garments in formal occasion

What a Mother Told Her Daughter who Was Looking
For a Husband.
My Daughter, looking for a husband is not the same
thing as looking for a job. When you are looking for a
job, you think of money and luxury. But when you are looking for a husband, you think of love,
commitment and sacrifice. Money is good but it is
love and commitment that will bind your marriage.
Do you know what? When your Father approached
me, I was 21. I still remember that day. He didn’t
have a car, he used to drive his mother’s bicycle. I never used to do make up. We fell in love. Do you black garments in formal occasion
see this house? I was there when your Father built it.
I use to come here every day and supervise the
workers. You see that old red car outside? We both
contribute money to buy it, it was our first car. Your
Dad will use it Monday to Friday and I will use it weekend, except when one person need it more
than the other. So, do not be afraid of starting small.
The most important thing is love, commitment and
dedication. Behind every successful man is a
woman and behind every unsuccessful man is also a
woman, choose where you will belong. My Daughter, let a man see the real you and love the real you.
When you pretend and look like what
you are not and a man marry you, then one day when
he begins seeing the real you, that is where problem
will start. There are some kind of men you should
avoid or be careful with. If you see a man always giving money to people and helping so many people
but when you visit his home, his sister looks hungry
and the mother is badly dressed then be wise. Think
about it. A man that can’t support his own is not trust
worthy . My Daughter be careful of a man with too
many secret. Think twice about a man that keeps too much to himself. How can you live with a man you
don’t know anything about? You have the right to
know his fears and his dreams. Know what you are
getting into. When I married your Dad I knew his
plans and I played my role to help him and here we
are. Watch carefully the way a man treats his sisters and people around him, habits are very hard to
change, if he is treating them bad then he may treat
you bad. Pay every big attention to what I am about
to say now, open your ears very well. If a man ever
hit you while you are arguing, beat you up for any
reason, do not bring such a man to introduce to me. Do not even think of marrying him. Or else you may
spend every day defending your life instead of living
your life. There are some men that don’t give because
they don’t have but there are others that don’t give
because they are stingy. Think twice about such men.
If you see a man who drinks too much every time or smoke too much, do not expect him to change
when you marry him. Marry someone you are sure
you can live with, not
someone you are hopping will change. Observe the
kind of friends a man moves with, it has a lot to do
with who he is. My Daughter, I can’t choose a husband for you but i have given you advice that will
guide you. I can’t
wait for you to bring that man home and I can’t wait
to dance with you on your wedding day.
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