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I-N-F-L-U-E-N-C-E ( 1 )

Growing up under my parents was quite okay. I'm the first child and I have three siblings who are all boys. Eventhough my dad is an ordinary Christian, my mum is a fervent one, she takes her Christian life so serious and she is a prayer freak.

I grew up in a local Church with very strict Church dogmas. The Church seemed to be very boring to me, no excitement whatsoever in the Church services, their preaching always last for an hour and it is all about holiness,heaven consciousness and all that. They don't mind if they die in poverty, all they hammer on is making heaven. My secondary school mates were always talking about the exciting time they were having in Church services and I became pissed by my boring local Church.

I decided to leave the church and join another one and my parents were never bothered about that. My new church is more than exciting. The Sunday service is always not a long one and more than half of the time spent is dedicated to high praise where you will dance yourself to scatter. More exciting is the fact that there is no restriction as to how you dress, there is liberty to dress anyhow to Church. The time scheduled for preaching is only a few minutes and our Church Pastor talks like a trained comedian. There is always a shout of excitement from the congregation during the few minutes 'motivational talk' that is always on prosperity. beautiful dresses to wear to a wedding

My parents would leave for Church early, leaving me behind cos my own Church time is different so there were some time I would decide to stay back at home and they wouldn't even know since my Church finishes earlier than theirs. I'm sure my parents never even knew the name of the Church I was attending, it wasn't their business. I had all the liberty in the world and no one bothered me because I was morally okay. I gained admission into the university to study Microbiology.

I was allocated a bedspace where four students are meant to be in a room. The day I got the room, I met two ladies, Jenny and Dammy who were in their second year, they welcomed me warmly and we did a brief introduction. They liked me because I was cute and pretty.

When Mary, the fourth lady came to join us in the room, she was looking quite funny in her long-sleeve top and long pleated-skirt.

"Good afternoon." She said bending her head in respect.

Both Dammy and Jenny burst into an hilarious laughter. Mary felt embarrased but ignored them.

"So you have been allocated this room, right? Jenny asked. Mary nodded.

"And what is the name" I asked.

"My name is Mary." She answered.

Jenny and Dammy burst into another laughter.

"Mary, the mother of Jesus, pray for us." Dammy teased.

"You guys should stop all these." I muttered.

Dammy and Jenny were Christian by religion not by baptism. They cared less about Christ, they were wayward and loose. Mary on the other hand was too fanatical to me, she always take things to the extreme. I myself was neither here nor there, to some extent, I was a believer but I was neither hot nor cold so I stood in the middle of all of them.

I was the only one talking with Mary, nothing Mary would say or do make sense to Dammy and Jenny, they were always mocking her. I remember a day Dammy and Jenny were gisting.

"Babe, what did I hear that I didn't tell you, there is this bush girl in my class that always dress like all these church people, she came to me for advise,....she said the boy she is dating is pestering her, he wants to have sex with her and she is now like she doesn't want to lose her virginity." Jenny said sarcastically and they both burst into laughter.

"So what did you tell her?" Dammy asked.

"I told her she is a fool to still be a virgin at her stage and status" Jenny said sternly.

"As if virginity is dignity" Dammy said.

"Of course Virginity is never dignity but a mere lack of opportunity.....I told her if she doesn't want to lose her boyfriend she should just forget virginity and give it to him, that is what make life exciting! Jenny said.

Mary could no longer hold her annoyance.
"You guys are making a very big mistake, your body is not your own but the temple of God....sexual immorality is a grievous sin against God, you are destroying His temple and He will never take it lightly with you, you'd better be born again!" Mary said emphatically.

Jenny and Dammy felt totally irritated.
"Ohhhh! I hate this church people with passion.....the most annoying thing is that all these hypocrites that claims to be born again do all these things underground, they are even experts in this thing we are talking about, what a world of deception! Jenny said with irritation, both Jenny and Dammy gave mary a long hiss.
I watched dumbfoundedly, I didn't know where I stand, virginity or no virginity, I didn't what I believe. "Virginity is not dignity" kept on ringing in my ears...... To be continued.

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