asymmetrical wedding dress

Every piece of this is so so true. These are truly the best memories ever. We are so lucky. ? ❤️

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My sweet grandmother dearest... because if you didn’t call her that, you’d get way worse names than fatty, loser, or ugly. Those were terms of endearment. If she called ya sweetheart, we’d wonder if she was okay. She used endless hours teaching me how to swim, how to sew, how to do floral arrangements, be crafty, how to cook baklava better than most, and prime rib... except for that last Christmas, she showed me how to break the rules and use noodles in the pool, and that buttered noodles after swimming was the only appropriate meal at that time. She taught me how to have a nice living room that children can’t get dirty, how to play with the coolest toys and loose all the Russian doll pieces under the couch... but somehow she always found them when we couldn’t! She taught us how to play school with the olden day school desks, the importance of China on display, how beautiful the piano is and she always tries to teach me to play even when I had no patience to learn and she would just end up playing for me. She tries to teach me the importance of time and the old school way of getting energy out which was really probably her just wanting us to stop talking so we would do certain tricks around the house and she would time us on our laps. Let’s not forget how she had us pick up apricots, not to eat, just to clean up the yard. She was a proud garden club president, apartment designer and landlord, and the very best grandma. She made sure to let me know she wanted me to take her house when she didn’t want to admit not being able to live alone anymore. She was so proud of me always, whether it was remodeling her house, decorating it for holidays, or passing my post office test that I guess she bragged about for years. She stood up for us against her angry old lady neighbors and taught me how to play bridge, dress up pretty when leaving the house even though I’ve gotten bad at that one, and she taught me how to put on lipstick and powder my face sitting in her bathroom vanity. I have no idea how she kept her light green carpet so incredibly clean for so many years. She went through so much and showed me so much strength. Like when ghosts call, it’s probably your ex and those rocks she doesn’t know why she kept. asymmetrical wedding dress ??‍♀️ oh also, when someone walks in your house just assume their lost and show them the door out. She also apparently, with her Andy Griffith and mash watching. taught my mom that the TV can never be too loud, and to have it on even when you’re not in the room and just talk over it before turning it off. She taught me how to drive slow because all of those hooligans were driving way too fast, but I don’t remember her ever going above five under the speed limit, this includes explaining to my mom in her 50’s what black ice was and to drive very safely. I won’t over eat at family parties by having two plates of food, but I just may still put salt on my roll (sorry ??‍♀️ ). She was the best story share-er of her history, she made life fun, she took part in her community, she cared for and loved her family and her kids and grandkids more than anyone I’ve ever met. She didn’t like roommates though, she taught me all the tricks to kick them out. But Up until she passed, we were always what put a smile on her face with her telling stories about us to anyone who would listen. I think she thought we ran the world. I love you to heaven and back and know I have some of the best guardian angels.

Family, if you’ve seen it, we all know that if she saw any of us sad right now, she’d sit next to Robby, put her finger in the air, roll her head around, and tell us... “uh uh beeatch”.

Today has been hard. And so very long. I’m pretty sure you were all of our favorites. We love you beautiful, classy lady! ❤️ ❤️