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I partnered with an amazing company with the BEST health system that gets to to your goals and gives REAL results! Not to mention we have the best comp plan in network marketing!!! Here's my story and my results! I'd love to share more with you about our complain! Message me if you'd love me to send you a video on how it works....you can eat for free and but your own business! ? ? ?

I started this amazing nutrition less than a year ago and am I love with system, the company, my team and the culture! Here's my story :

I was at my happiest a size 4 and 130lbs. In 2012 life and a custody battle hit hard. I used the South Beach Diet phase 1 to stay thin but when stress came along I turned to carbs and not the good ones. ? ? ? After gaining 5 lbs I started phase 1 again and it wasn't working! ?

I continued to gain weight and at the 24lb mark I got a personal trainer..after 5 months that didn't even work! ? So i gave up. I walked down the aisle to my forever husband 30 lbs heavier than I was when I met him! ? When I got our wedding photos back a sat on the shower floor balling my eyes out I couldn't believe what I was seeing ? ? Did I really look like that?

Heartbroken and hating myself I went on with life and tried every diet and gimmick under the sun, every supplement I saw on Dr. Oz and silly detox water recipe in magazines...but when I didn't see or get immediate results like the South Beach Diet had offered me I quit whatever lame thing I was doing!

Eventuallymy husband and I were trying to have a baby...17 months later I was pregnant ? at this point I weighed 165lbs when I delivered JJ I was 240lbs...I'm 5'1 ? ? ?

Thinking my hormones reset or something I got right on South Beach again ? lost 50lbs between diet and nursing then bam I plateaued again! I was so severely depressed I couldn't get out of bed I had black curtains on my windows I wouldn't leave my bedroom ? ? and I didn't want to see anyone! Better yet I didn't want them to see me ?

Scrolling through FB I saw an advertisement for 6-week 20 pound challenge so I joined it. I drove 40 minutes each way to workout 6-7x a week and it cost me $500 plus the gas and I lost 21 pounds in 6 weeks and was on this ridiculously limited diet. I wasn't enjoying food at all I was just choking it down.... What I didn't know is that I had to continue to do these challenges until I got to my healthy body weight 2nd Challenge I failed I didn't even lose 1 pound Halloween came along I indulged in chocolate and I gave up a line wedding dresses with sleeves ?

Not only did I give up on my workouts or that crazy diet plan they had me on I give up my career as a substance abuse counselor I lost all motivation to do anything.

Until ne day I noticed somebody posting their results and inspiring lifestyle I started scrolling through the page and researching and looking at other peoples stories and messaged Sarah Decker Towe!

Since then I've lost 28lbs and 7 dress sizes. I have loads of energy, no longer feel depressed, my eczema healed my hair has grown like crazy my skin is improved my face isn't so fattening more! I'm finally surprise I'm pregnant again ? ? ? ? Lol this wasn't in or plans but it was God's!

This pregnancy thank God I have this nutrition!!!! So I don't have to gain all that ugly way back and look like the pic below ? ? ? ? I hate that pic and no one has EVER seen it before today. I'm not crossing that line again this pregnancy is going to be my best and healthiest one yet because of this nutrition and because I have the energy to workout still. I can't wait to share more of this journey with all of you ?

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