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Girls are the biggest Enemy of Girls! Just look at the example!

A woman who had married before with a man and again remarried is a big isaue in social media Girls Group! Yes! Girl's Group. Not in public, not by the Men of society. A woman who is remarrying is something like shocking and a big fact of judging about her charecter. She maybe a slut! She is a bitch! Blah blah. And also a lot of girls are putting effort to show that how much Good Wife and Partner they are. That woman is marrying neither her family is concerned, nor her husband! Then who the hell we are to judge her? I haven't seen a man still posting about that woman, all this shitts are coming from Girls! Just like girls can't tolerate other girl's happiness! Its totally their life. They are celebrities, but moreover they are human being. They have personal life. There is a big circle called "Self" just google it. We are just outsiders in a person's life. How could we judge for their intimate life? DressAfford lace fabric wedding outfits with long sleeves

A girl posted in her timeline that she has not born with a good fortune to marry and wear new wedding dresses for three times and on the other hand saying she is so happy being wife blah blah. These nonsenses. Apa congratulations for your beautiful life. You can enjoy having it. But everyone has their choice. In the same way you are judging ওমা ওই মেয়ের হাতে বিড়ি!" So it is alright to smoke for men but not for women? But in scientifically and religiously both are wrong equally for men and women. They why you are only judging the Girl? At first say your father, husband, friend etc to stop if you have problem with smoke.

When I was young I use to see my mother want me to learn Arts, singing but I wanted to learn cricket. But Cricket is for men not for women this is how society is divided unjustifically! My father never said me its manly thing! Why it is necessary to behave like a Women? And actallu what is the behavior of women? Is there any law, any rules which can say these are the critaria for being a woman? If a man can marry 3 or 4 times why we are not judging? And also who we are to judge? How would we feel if someone interfere in our personal space? Just think if we all had that power like Captain America to know each other's intimate thing what will happen to the society?

Women are the first person who gossips about other girl's cloth. If a girl is being empowered she is a familyless person! Women first judge person seeing the outer look. Women judge women to defame and to make credibility of ownself, to show ownself how good they are.

If a woman travel alone other women assume she must be slept and living there with another man. Wow! That is why maybe every time my mother afraid of my security whenever I go abroad or even just nearby my home!

Women judge a woman seeing her boyfriend, seeing her a lot of Boy Friends, seeing their cloths, even seeing about her success!

I really feel pity for those women, those gossip Women who really love to waste their time on gossips rather implementing them. If this is not overcomed women cant be empowered, they will remain victims, they will be harrased!

Everyone has their own type of satisfaction, happiness. If a girl want to wear tight tops just like a man let her wear, if a girl want to empower let her empower. Judge a person by her behavior, her self respect, her motive and desires of life, judge a girl by how much positive she is, how much helpful and determined she is. Dress, marriage, carrier, tours and travels can't justify how good or bad she is! It is just perception! It is just our way of thought process! What is wrong is wrong universally! Judge universally not just desciminate!

Again if you are happy in your life be happy and stop judging people. Religion also forbid to do পরনিন্দা right? If you are a woman then respect woman. At furst treat your dauther equally like your son. If it will not happen then if someday you got beaten by your husband and ask for help don't hope because you were the first judgemental. If yiur daughter and sister is not safe the first reason is you the Mother. The first reason is you the Woman!