DressAfford items with navy blue color to wear of the prom


We have this annual ball gathering every end of the year at work where everyone show off and flaunt in a very glamorous style! I wasn’t coming as the ticket is so expensive, but in the last hour my one workmate couldn’t make it because her family got sick and she need to stay home, she was so kind to gave the ticket to me for free! Sorry about my workmate but LUCKY ME! I got the permission to leave work early so have the chance to get ready and find a dress to wear, I was rushing down to get home, too clumsy I bumped with other person and stepped on his toe, I went all red because the person I bumped was my ultimate crush since I started working in the hospital. We all know I am crazy so don’t be surprised if you hear all these stories. I’m doing everything just to see him in his department. Every time I met him he took my breath away like to the extent that I wish the elevator will get some trouble so we'd get stuck together, I can stare at him for hours and hours ( hmmmm sounds a bit psycho ? )

So I was so apologetic when I stepped on his toe, of course he then pulled out the sweetest smile and say “I’m okay! I’ll just get it x ray and see how much damage you’ve done with my toe! Worst happen will be like I have a swelling foot and my shoes won’t fit for the party tonight "Cheeky he said!" kidding "am I seeing you to the ball tonight?" He continues. I responded shyly and softly say “yes” the elevator opened and he wave goodbye and he say “see you there tonight beauty! You owe me a dance! Then he disappeared. I was still shocked.

As my work is within the city it’s so easy to find shops. I found this BLUE DRESS! Checked the size! Spot on! Didn’t even bother to fit it because I’m running out of time. At the Royal Gala! Everyone looks amazing, our table is setting next to Mr. X, we were both facing in the same direction. Somehow this blue dress has the power to make his eyes stick on me! Somehow it makes me uncomfortable! I am not used to the way he looks at me. Wine! Yes maybe another one. Oh don’t know what’s the brand but men I like the wine . I think I almost had half of the bottle when the program finished and part 2 is dance dance dance. We rocked up the dance floor, oh that half bottle of wine gave me so much confidence in the dance floor, couple of music and dancing with the workmate, then all of a sudden two hands wrapped around my waist, I turned around to know who’s the owner of that muscly hand ... it’s Mr. X! Thanks to the Wine! I got boosted. He whispered "you look amazing" didn’t give a change to respond, he pulled me straight away from the crowds. We end up in a little corner, he pulled my face and patted me with a kiss! Was a bit fall on! I was startled and shocked and things were so quick as lightning strike! We heared some noise coming so we distanced ourselves, I’m still in shock, trying to absorb what’s been happening. He pulled my hand to go back to the dance floor! We’ve been greeted by random familiar faces and got separated the whole night! The party was a blast! DressAfford items with navy blue color to wear of the prom
Didn’t got much sleep as I’m on morning shift ! That kiss is stuck over my head! Got my shift started! My patient needs to go to his department! Ohhhh this is awkward! But have to work professionally right! When I got there he’s the only one and the receptionist. After sorting the patient off, we got that privacy .

He said “ I’m sorry about last night”..
Me: it’s okay.
Him: you really look extra beautiful.
Me: thank you. You seem to just vanish after that moment.
Him: yeah , I tried to look for you but seems your enjoying already with the girl.
Me: (patay hiya) so you kissed me so that solved my long mystery if you'r still single?
D ko alam kung my hang over ako or parang song sa lyrics ni Beyoncé na “ it’s sweet dreams or a beautiful nightmare!!! Somebody Punch me!

ANU yon? Teaser!!! Hay naku! Na lunod ako sa DEEP DEEP BLUE WATER! Este sa BLUE DRESS... Another asshole !